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about EOZ

EOZ iѕ a financial system & crypto currency thаt ореrаtеѕ with borderless interaction аrоund the glоbе, оnсе уоu are соnnесtеd tо intеrnеt, nо matter thе geographical diѕtаnсе bеtwееn thе ѕеndеr and rесеivеr. Your profit is guaranteed !

Artificial Neural Network with unique Blосkсhаin, ѕесurеd digitаl аѕѕеt аnd inherent vаluе аѕ a ѕесurе сrурtосurrеnсу that propagates thе inѕtаnt transaction process, with оnlу a fеw minutes needed for thе trаnѕfеr tо take place. EOZ iѕ a nеw lеnding with gоvеrnеd есоѕуѕtеm сrурtосurrеnсу that аррliеѕ blосkсhаin technologies tо the financial industry, giving grеаtеr ассеѕѕ tо glоbаl invеѕtmеnt by lоwеring barriers tо entry, аnd inсrеаѕing mаrkеt liquiditу.

Why EOZ?

We are experienced in trading since last 15 years. We started cryptocurrency trading from last 4 years. We achieved more than 200% profit in stock market with our Artificial Neural Network ( Deep Learning ) within one year. After that we started work on automated cryptocurrency trading with our Artificial Neural Network. Results are way more than we achieved in stock market. We all know that reason is high volatility in market. We started building our own algorithms from last 3 years with our Artificial Neural Network. At last we are making this platform to public to everyone can get benefit from our platform. We are coming up with big capital and integrated with top cryptocurrency exchanges. We are already making huge profit every day with our trading bot which is getting signals from our Artificial Neural Network. Prediction Trading & Market Making is our main source of profit. We are also doing arbitrage trading with our bot which is most secured in term of risk.

Our entire Artificial Neural Network works on three principle of investment.
"High Investment High Risk High Profit"
"High Investment Low Risk Low Profit"
"Low Investment Low Risk Low Profit"

Our Artificial Neural Network invest funds very systematically to get highest returns with lowest to zero risk. That means you will make profit from your investments no matter how whole cryptocurrency market performing.

How much ROI?

Don't regret later calculate your return of investment (ROI) now.

You Invest

$ 100

You HOLD for 160 Days

You Receive

Daily Rate 3%
$ 580

Your DAILY PROFIT is about $3
For the opening price of 1 EOZ = 35 USD

You will invest 2 EOZ and Receive 16.40 EOZ after 160 Days

EOZ Token Sale

12 million coins will be distributed during ICO (in 5 Rounds).

EOZ Fund distribution

  • 70%

    Coin Trading

  • 10%


  • 10%


  • 10%

    Operational Expenses

EOZ Roadmap

  1. JUNE 2017

    Idea to make EOZ publicly and utilize crowdfund for investments

  2. AUGUST 2017

    Formulation on EOZ White Paper

  3. SEPTEMBER 2017

    Planning Of EOZ ICO

  4. OCTOBER 2017

    Design & Development of Public Portal

  5. DECEMBER 2017

    Development Of EOZ Coin

  6. Q1 2018

    Launch Of EOZ:
    ICO Token Sale, Coin, Lending & Exchange (Projected Opening Price $35)

  7. Q3 2018

    Launch of Mobile Wallet Apps,
    Listing on Exchanges (Projected Opening Price $50 - $70)

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EOZ Earning Opportunities

AI Lending

Anyone can lend EOZ coin in EOZ Lending & Earn Huge Profits Everyday


EOZ coins built on Hybrid Algorithm. You can hold EOZ coin in your desktop wallet and earn interest on it


EOZ Coin’s POW algorithm allow anyone to mine EOZ coin and make profit by selling on exchanges


EOZ Coin will be listed on most of exchanges. Anyone can make profit by trading EOZ coin with other cryptocurrencies


EOZ luxure program allow you to own luxury items by promoting EOZ lending & EOZ ICO publicly

EOZ Referral program

Our attractive affiliate program lets you earn EOZ by promoting
You will be also rewarded in our EOZ Luxure program for your referral goals.

EOZ lending program

Most profitable part of EOZ ecosystem is EOZ Lending. Anyone can lend their EOZ coins and make huge daily profit from their investments. You don’t need to do trading or any other activity our Automatic Trading Robot with Artificial Neural Network will do trading activity for your and give you huge daily profit with lowest risk. EOZ lending supports only EOZ coins, this will create demand of EOZ coins in cryptocurrency market. Hence total supply of EOZ coin is limited, so price of EOZ coin will be high because of EOZ Lending.

Here we are different from others, we offer pure lending with high profit. we offer daily profit sharing with any time withdrawal of your daily profit. We also offer any time withdrawal of your principal investment with 20% of penalty. You can withdraw your investment or profit any time from your investment panel.

EOZ Eco System & Price Protection

EOZ Ecosystem designed to deduct human errors for prediction of cryptocurrency prices & automate all investment tasks. ANN EOZ is core of EOZ Ecosystem. Main part of EOZ core is Artificial Neural Network. All incoming investments distributed evenly to three types of algorithms to get highest profit with lowest risk. Artificial Neural Network (Deep Learning) constantly gathering data and learn from it to make high profit and lower the risk of loss.

We are offering price protection of EOZ tokens during first 20 days after launch of EOZ lending & EOZ Exchange. We will protect price of $35 for first 15 days when we will start Lending & Internal Exchange. After that we will list EOZ coins in External Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

After launch of EOZ coin on external exchanges we will buy back EOZ coins daily from our daily profit. This way we will support EOZ coin and protect price of EOZ coin on external exchanges also.


Pre ICO will start on 16th Feb 2018, ICO will start on 18th Feb 2018 & ICO will close on 19th Mar 2018.
There will be 2 Million Tokens per round during ICO.
You can register for free, after that you can fund your account with BTC, LTC & ETH. You can buy EOZ from your BTC, LTC or ETH wallet balance.
During ICO EOZ coin price will be lowest, It is best time to buy EOZ coins.
Yes, Please contact us at [email protected] we will discuss privately about it and start promotions as soon as possible.
Yes we have inbuilt 2FA in our system. We recommend you to enable it to secure your account.
We will launch Blockchain, Lending & Internal Exchange with EOZ/BTC, EOZ/LTC, EOZ/ETH on 25th of March 2018.EOZ coin will be listed on external exchanges between 15th April to 25th April 2018.
We will start lending at $35, we also protect price of $35 on internal exchange for next 15 - 20 days. So every one can lend on that rate. We will also give 5X profit for first 15 days of Lending.
There can be some congestion in blockchain network or other technical problem. Please contact our support team on [email protected] or open support ticket on http://eoz.freshdesk.com, we will resolve your problem within 24 hours.